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It started off clear and bright this morning, but now not so much and I'm glad the day is drawing to a close. Hope yours has been a good Monday!


Happenings 'Round Here

Easter Egg Wreath 2007

I've obviously been on hiatus...

Work has been super busy (but lots of fun!)...

David is in his final weeks of law school before graduating next month (time has flown!)...

My computer crashed and I lost everything (but there's a tiny chance for recovery - fingers crossed!)...

But in the midst of the rush and chaos, something really wonderful is happening...


We're having a baby!


I'm currently almost 4 months along and feeling MUCH better than the first three months. Frankly, I was too nauseous and tired to think about anything edible, let alone blog about food. It was the first time in my life that I couldn't think of a single thing that I wanted to eat and this lasted for what felt, at the time, like forever! 

Thankfully, the clouds have parted and my appetite is back in full-force! I have the blessed burst of second trimester energy so I'm feelin' good and diving into exercise and healthy eating with gusto. 

Words can't describe how excited and thankful we are for this blessing. Baby Caldwell is due on or around October 2!


Image: Easter Egg Wreath 2007, simpcostudios via Flickr



It's snowing AGAIN. Around this time of year my wanderlust kicks into overdrive. We've been living in the dark and the cold for too long here in New England and I'm craving the warmth and otherness of somewhere else.

If money were no object,

If work and school could be put on pause,

if I could just click my heels together and be there already, 

I would transport myself to one of the following paradises...


Amanyara Turks & Caicos

Amanyara - Turks & Caicos


Frégate Island Private Seychelles

Frégate Island - Seychelles


Cocoa Island Maldives

Cocoa Island - Maldives


Turtle Inn Belize

Turtle Inn - Belize


Nihiwatu Indonesia

Nihiwatu - Indonesia


Lizard Island Great Barrier Reef Australia

Lizard Island - Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Homeric Poems Santorini

Homeric Poems - Santorini


Click on the links for more gorgeousness!


Moses and the Chicken

On the rare occasion that we feed Moses chicken (this is usually done when we run out of dog food), he has a funny little ritual where he "hides" the chicken. Thankfully, we always seem to catch him doing this so as to avoid finding surprise chicken in our bed later on. I managed to catch him on tape recently and thought I'd share with y'all. Please forgive the messiness of our teeny-tiny apartment!


I'm Still Here

Stuck in the snow

This photo taken of some poor soul's bike in front of our building is a metaphor for how I feel lately. I've been buried in work and life and stuck in a creativity rut. Maybe it's the winter blues? I don't know. Whatever it is, I'm determined to get over the hump! Thanks for bearing with me and I promise there's good stuff to come!


Digging Out

So much snow!


Like many across the country, we were socked by a super snow storm that dropped 14+ inches on our sleepy hamlet. 


We woke up Wednesday morning to a white-out. For the first time in 30 years, Harvard cancelled all classes so David, Moses and I ventured out to take some pictures. 


 Harvard Yard was a beautiful winter wonderland:





Moses was a trouper but soon met his fill of the cold white stuff, so we headed home to dry off and warm up. {Mosey would probably want me to tell you that he is not usually a prissy shoe-wearing dog. The ice and salt burn his little paws and the boots make walks so much easier and more comfortable during severe weather.}



National Champs!

The game was a nail-biter which I always hate, but in the end, my beloved Tigers stuck it out and beat the Oregon Ducks to become the National Champions! It's an incredible feeling for all of us in the Auburn family and as the chant goes, "it's great to be an Auburn Tiger!" War eagle!!!

BCS Auburn

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton celebrating with fans. Image: Auburn University via Flickr.


"Winner Wonderland" Toomer's Corner the morning after the big win.