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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting friend for drinks at my very favorite restaurant in NYC, Esca. I've known and worked with chef/owner David Pasternack for years now and he is one of the best guys I know. In the south, we would call him a good ol' boy, but he's actually from New York. Not only is he a whiz with fish, but he also makes a mean pulled pork! 

To our delight as we walked up to the restaurant last night, this bountiful truck was parked outside:

Dave has been purchasing  fruit and veggies from Lana, a farmer from upstate New York, for more than 15 years. We had to have some of Lana's peaches, apricots and plums so we bought bags full. Sweet, juice and fresh from the farm, who knew we could enjoy a lovely dinner out in the city AND purchase such lovely produce all in the same place?


Happy Friday!

Having just gotten married a few weeks ago, I totally remember the feeling of wanting to dance up and down the aisle with happiness.

This video makes me smile every time. Congrats to such a fun couple!



Things to do in Manhattan (when you are broke)

Who isn't hurting for money these days? With a husband interning this summer (re: not getting paid) and friends losing jobs right and left, we've had to flex our creative muscles and find fun things to do that don't break the bank.

The High Line

Once an urban legend to NYC dwellers, the High Line's official open couldn't come at a better time, financially speaking. It's a fun place to experience day or night, the views are not to be missed and best of all, IT'S FREE!

 Dusk on the High Line

The High Line literally runs beneath the stunning new Standard Hotel. (There's also a great view of Diane von Furstenberg's biosphere-like apartment from this spot!)

The Ferry to Red Hook/Ikea

There are several reasons why this is a treat:

1. It's free

2. It leaves every 20 minutes

3. You can see great views of both the city, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty

4. Ikea = great bargains

5. Red Hook = great food (more on this later)

6. Did I forget to mention that it's free?

I took the ferry last weekend and had a blast. Again, the views are terrific and there's just something about being on the water, looking at Manhattan from afar that's just really cool.

 More things to do to come!


What's in your buggy?

Northerners call them shopping carts but any true southerner will tell you we call them buggies. Doesn't that sound so much sweeter than a cart?

On a recent wedding-related trip to New Orleans, Nicki, Ginja, mom and I stopped by the local grocery to pick up a few things for our weekend trip to Avery Island. Nicki and I both loved checking out the local fare on the shelves and I snapped a few pictures to share. 

An entire aisle of Zatarain's!

Cases and cases of cotton candy...


What I think is a terrific idea and I'm shocked it hasn't caught on here in NYC - coffee concentrate available in the refrigerated section. There must have been 20 different brands! The instructions call for mixing 1 part concentrate and 9 parts water or milk. So easy and so smart!

Hot Cheese Curls = tempting!

Cajun Smoked Turkey Necks = NOT tempting




Finished the Skirt!

Friends of ours who have spent time with me in the last week or so know that I have been living and breathing this skirt project. I carried it with me and worked on it everywhere I went - on the subway, in the park, in a bar. It's from the Alabama Stitch Book and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. As the techniques in the book are entirely new to me, I opted to order a kit, rather than purchase supplies for something I may wind up hating. True to their word, everything needed came in the kit and I finished the project in 7 days. Of course, I couldn't feel the tip of my index finger from all of the detail work (the entire project is hand-sewn!) but I wore the skirt yesterday and am happy to say that it fits perfectly!

I'd like to create another one, this time from recycled t-shirts. I have my eye on David's Banana Republic Pima Cotton undershirts, but he's on to me and is keeping close watch... Will keep you posted!


New Digs

As much as I love my Mac, their iWeb software is just not what I'd like it to be. I recently stumbled upon SquareSpace and have decided to move edible distractions over here for the free, no credit card needed, no strings attached trial. Let's see how this goes....

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