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What I Eat When I'm Expecting, Part I

I hesitate writing the following for fear of jinxing myself, but I'll go ahead and say it:

mine has been a relatively easy pregnancy.

I am incredibly thankful for this and say daily prayers of gratitude that things have gone so smoothly thus far. I sometimes get asked how I've managed to get this far while staying in shape and feeling good and, beyond thanking God, I give almost all of the credit to four things:



 1. Eating healthfully

This has been absolutely key for me. The myth of "eating for two" is just that - a myth. I think a lot of women take being pregnant as a free pass to go on a cheeseburger and milkshake diet but as a friend pointed out, "do you really want your baby to be made out of cheeseburgers and milkshakes?" Really, your daily calorie needs only increase a smidge during pregnancy - 100-300 calories depending on the trimester. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I wanted to do whatever it took to feel good, great even, for as long as possible. This meant heaps and heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables which has been relatively easy, given the bounty that is available in spring and summer. 

Here's a typical daily intake for me:

Breakfast - high fiber cereal with calcium-enriched rice milk

Lunch - Greek yogurt and salad (fruit or veggie)

Dinner - lean protein and gigantic salad

 Snacks - fruit (I can easily eat 1/4-1/2 of a watermelon in a day), nuts, dark chocolate, sugar snap peas,  tomatoes, homemade popsicles

 Supplements - I take a daily prenatal vitamin, Tums for Calcium and the occasional heartburn that comes with  having your entire digestive tract shoved up into your chest, and a generous dose of Omega-3 fish oils

That's typical, but I have certainly allowed myself to indulge here and there. I almost never say no to ice cream and David and I have a hard time walking past Pinkberry without stopping inside. I love going out for dinner and we do so every chance we get since we know those days are numbered, but I really do try to make wise choices whenever possible.



2. Getting LOTS of exercise

My friend Emily laughs at me because I used to say that when I turned 30 I would get really good about exercising. It didn't happen. It's not that I don't like to exercise. I feel really great when I do. I just lack the motivation to do it super regularly. For me, being pregnant was all the motivation I needed. I read all of the articles and heard all of the stories about how exercise can help make for an easier labor, delivery and recovery and that was all I needed to hear! 

We don't own a car and therefore, we walk a lot. This was already built into my daily routine, so I set the goal for myself of walking 2-3 miles each day. This could be walking Moses, running errands, walking to my workout destination, whatever, as long as I was moving. I also wanted to find a good prenatal yoga class having also read and heard about all of the benefits associated with yoga during pregnancy. Thankfully, I found a great one and I am completely devoted to going.

We Cantabrigians are fortunate to have a fabulous community recreation center with a beautiful, clean pool that offers fun aquatic classes year round. I signed up for Aqua Zumba (think world music and dancing all in the pool) and have been a faithful weekly attendee. It's such a great workout and being in the water when you're pregnant and it's 99 degrees outside feels fabulous. 



Source: google.com via j jump on Pinterest


 3. Drinking more water than I ever thought possible

I've always been a big water drinker, but never like this. I try to drink 96 ounces of water a day. It makes a huge difference in how I feel especially as it's been so hot this summer. Of course, it has me running for the bathroom on a regular basis! In the last couple of months, I've noticed that I'm thirstier and thirstier especially at the end of the day, so my water intake has been well over a gallon a day. My doctor says this is all fine and normal, so I'll keep on drinking, however, it's always a good idea to alternate with a sports drink or something with electrolytes so that your potassium levels don't become too dilute. I've become a big fan of coconut water which has the added benefit of keeping my leg cramps in check!



4. Sleeping as much as I can

David, Moses and I have a healthy appreciation for sleep and we hope we can impart that on our little one! That said, my schedule during the week affords me the time to take a nap or just lie down and work from bed for an hour or so if I need to. I know not everyone has that luxury and again, I'm so grateful that I do. With baby due any day now, I've been told to get as much sleep as I can now and believe me, I have been!


I'm sure genetics plays a huge role in how a woman responds to pregnancy, so I don't want to be confused as taking credit where it's not mine to take. When I realized that I would be pregnant through the heat of the summer, I knew I wanted to do whatever it took to make sure that I wasn't in misery by the time the baby arrived. I've gained about 20 pounds thus far which my doctor says is perfect. My body feels energized and stronger than it has in years, I sleep well at night and have a general sense of calm. Of course, I still have a month left to go, so I'll be sure to keep you posted!




Since I've Been Gone

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! This summer has literally flown by! Walking through campus and around town, it's clear the students are back for another school year. It seems like graduation was last week!

I figured the best way to update over the past month-ish is to share iPhone pics from weeks past. Since I've been gone...


Gabey with snail

Spent some time in the Connecticut countryside with one of my favorite little guys. One of his favorite activities is swimming in the pond and searching for large snails.


Cape of Cod

More time with Vallery and the kids at the Cape while David was in the final throes of studying for the Bar exam. 







We shopped the Farmers' Market, went blueberry picking (10 pounds of blueberries!) and blueberry baking and spent lots of time in the water and sunshine. Vallery and her sweet family are so good to me, Moses and this baby in my tummy!


E&S wedding

We spent a weekend with dear friends in NYC where we attended the Indian-Korean wedding of more dear friends. I had been eagerly anticipating this wedding for months and it did not disappoint, from the clothes to the the music to the FOOD, it was beyond incredible! Above, the groom is starting his ride on a horse to the site of where four different ceremonies were about to take place. I loved every single second of this wedding! Congrats to Eugene and Shivani! We love you both so much!



I've been doing a LOT of sewing and knitting and learning how to smock. It gives my busy fingers something to do to pass the time until the bambino arrives. Then David told me he dreamed that our baby girl turned out to be a boy and I looked at all of the clothes I had made and wondered if I was crazy. 


Eventually David took the bar and we're so glad it's over even though he won't find out whether or not he passed until NOVEMBER! Luckily, we have lots going on until then to keep us distracted from thinking about it too much...

33 weeks

Tummy at 33 weeks







Friday Favorites - Anthropologie

I'm a big fan of all-white dishes in my kitchen, but I LOVE the idea of incorporating pops of color like these dishes from Anthropologie. I need these in my fantasy kitchen where space is not quite the issue that it is in my real-life kitchen!









Oh! and the apron "ties" it all together! Bellissimo!






Do you know what these are? They look just like watermelons but they're actually pepquiños - part cucumber, part melon and super tiny. I have yet to experience eating them (they're kinda hard to find), but I love them already. 

Djungelgurka (Holland)
I want, no I NEED them! Have you encountered these itty-bitty yummies anywhere? Think I could grow them in my fire escape garden? 

Summertime Doings

Fishing on the Cape

With David in deep study mode for the Bar Exam (it's two weeks away!), Mosey and I have been making ourselves scarce and enjoying some weekend trips close by with friends. Sunshine, farmers' markets, beach time and sleep have been good for the heart and soul and this growing belly I've got- we're officially 7 months along! I hope you've been enjoying the lazy days as well. More to come!



Graduation Day

Three years seem to have flown by in a flash. I'm sure David would beg to differ, but to me it seems like minutes ago that we learned we would be moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Not a day has gone by since then that both of us haven't felt incredibly grateful and humbled by the experience we've shared here.

I love graduations. There's such incredible energy and excitement from the graduates and their friends and families and Harvard definitely knows how to put on an unbelievable commencement. 


On the Wednesday of graduation week, each college hosts their own class day where awards are given and speeches are heard. The undergrads hosted Amy Poehler as their class day speaker and the Law School hosted Alec Baldwin. It was like graduation brought to you by NBC. Both speakers were great and funny and a treat to see in person. There was a palpable buzz in the air with friends and family arriving for the big day the following morning.

Thursday morning, we woke up fairly bright and extremely early as we had a breakfast at the Law School to attend at 6:30am. As we walked into the Square to meet family on our way to breakfast, this was the line of folks anxiously gathered outside of the gates to the school waiting to get inside and grab seats...at 6 in the morning!!



Within 30 or so minutes, this was the scene in Old Harvard Yard of people making their way to their seats. More than 35,000 people attend this graduation each year!



As the crowds were moving into the seats, the real excitement was happening just outside of the gates. Each school or resident house parades as a group into the ceremony, many of them led by musicians including jazz bands and bag pipers.





As seating is limited, each student is allotted 2 tickets for the University Commencement. More guests can attend each individual school's ceremonies held immediately after the main commencement. We were incredibly fortunate in that we were able to get 3 additional tickets, 2 from a friend of David's and one from my beloved calligraphy teacher and friend Kitty. Kitty's husband is the oldest living alumnus of Lowell House (one of the undergrad student residences on campus) and therefore he gets super-special VIP tickets each year and had an extra to share. 

commencement photo

This photo shows the seating map for the day. I was seated at the very front of the audience, just behind the delegation from Liberia (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia received an honorary doctorate and was the featured Commencement speaker). I couldn't believe how incredible my seat was. Thank you, thank you, Kitty! Our sweet parents, in spite of getting seated 2+ hours early, were waaaaaaay in the back. 

Ushers for the day were decked out in black tie with satin top hats. Students were decked out in everything from Hawaiian leis and flip flops to bow ties and loads of beaded necklaces. The weather could not have been more perfect and the excitement could not have been greater. Choirs were singing, the bells at Memorial Church were ringing. The Sheriff of Middlesex County opened and closed the ceremony with great flourish (he was also dressed in black tie and top hat and carried a gigantic ceremonial staff which he banged on the stage to great applause). The ceremony itself follows hundreds of years of tradition and includes student speeches given in Latin, beautiful hymns and a fun and festive conferral of degrees. Among those receiving honorary degrees were famed Spanish tenor Placido Domingo and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Apparently, Justice Ginsburg is a huge fan of the opera and as a special treat, Placido Domingo sang the conferral of her degree in his beautiful, booming voice. The crowd went wild!


After the main ceremony, the crowds dispersed to smaller ceremonies where the graduates received their actual certificates. The Law School ceremony took place over lunch which was especially appreciated given the fact that by noon, it was already a very long day for most of us. As we sat watching each student walk across the stage, the Dean of the School interrupted with an announcement saying that Justice Ginsburg was present and would like to say a few words. We were all floored by such a great treat! She was beautiful and poised and I can't imagine a greater honor for the graduates to have her as a surprise speaker.



I could not have been more proud of David as his name was called and he walked across that stage. It's a moment I'll never, ever forget.


In keeping with tradition, the diplomas are entirely in Latin, so we're crossing our fingers that it says what it should! :)


David and his sweet Dad. All of our faces were hurting from all of the smiling! 

Afterwards, we headed home to put our feet up and rest for a bit before a spectacular celebratory dinner at Menton in Boston. We went to bed that night feeling overwhelmed by the blessings of family, friends and education. It was such a great day!




Baby Cake


The tail end of the month of May was a busy one around here! We had both sets of parents in town for David's graduation and spent several days wrapped up in commencement festivities (more about that later...).

Neither of us had seen our parents since Christmas and not since our wedding nearly two years ago have we had everyone in the same place at the same time. We decided to do something special to celebrate our upcoming baby while they were all here together. 

Two weeks before everyone arrived in town, we had the ultrasound where the doctors determined the baby's gender. We asked our doctor not tell us, but instead, write the results down on a piece of paper and seal it up in an envelope. We then paid a visit to flour, a FABULOUS local bakery owned by super star pastry chef Joanne Chang and asked if they could make a cake for us and color the filling inside the cake according to what we were having: blueberries for a boy, raspberries for a girl.

{Sidenote: we didn't give them the secret envelope that day. I did some emailing back and forth with the pastry chef to finalize details and realized we needed to get the info to her but without us peeking inside the envelope. Enter our dear friend Lucas. He peeked for us, sealed the envelope back up and emailed the chef to tell her. This is one of the bazillion reasons why we adore him!}

David picked up the beautiful cake just before dinner with our parents at Craigie on Main (home of Tony Maws who recently won the Beard award for Best Chef Northeast). As we progressed through our meal, I started to get nervous and excited thinking about what was to come. Our server approached to clear our main course dishes, he caught David's eye and David gave him the nod. At that point, I explained to the table that a cake was coming and that we were about to find out by way of the cake if we were having a boy or a girl. Then everyone was nervous and excited. We had a last minute round of "place your bets" in which all of the guys bet on "boy" and all of the women bet on, "girl." Then the cake arrived!


David did the honors as he was the one graduating. You can see the dollar bills to his left from our betting.

Even the servers were excited and watching!




It's a GIRL!!!!!!

We all let out a cheer and I think everyone in the restaurant knew what was happening at that point. We were all thrilled and happy and it was such a great moment to share with our sweet parents. And the cake...it was incredible! Lemon cake with raspberry filling and buttery buttercream, topped with a light lemon curd. We made sure to share some with dear Lucas later that evening!